Here we go…bare with me this may be a lengthy blog! …..LOTS happened yesterday!

Another win for the ECU Pirates!

I talked myself into getting up early to tailgate and go to the game with some friends. Of course my day has to start with a minor catastrophe. As I was leaving, I got on the elevator from the 10th floor with my room keys in one hand and my cell phone in the other. I maneuver around to check a text message. In a blink of an eye I see my keys slip out of my hands and plummet down that teeny tiny little crack right in front where the floor to the elevator begins. Adios room keys. I had to just stare in shock for a good couple minutes. Talk about a freak accident. 

At this point I was about ready to say forget going to the game. Too bad I was locked out of my room so I had no choice. This wouldn't be all that bad except for the fact the office for spare keys isn't open on weekends and its going to cost me $250 for a set of new keys. I finally found a way into my room after the game and even talked myself into going to a party then downtown. Don't think that was the best idea.

I went overboard on social interaction yesterday. Here's the funny thing…

I was surrounded by tons of friends all day yesterday, yet I felt like I was alone the entire time. Granted, it was good to get out and interact though. It is crazy how I can literally be around so many people and feel like I'm standing by myself. Maybe it's because all the people have been friends a long time or were with their boyfriend and girlfriend. I lack those established connections that many people at this university share. 


Looks like today I will be hiding in my room once again. Still a little overwhelmed from yesterday. I don't even want to get started on the adventure of clubbing downtown last night…CRAZY (and not the good kind of crazy, the everyone getting split up, lost, losing things, injured kind of crazy..yikes!) Well, I'm going to get showered, go to the dining hall and get some food to bring back to the room and study some anatomy for my exam next week..back to the usual routine (of course I'll have to throw a nap in somewhere)


If you managed to read this, thanks! God Bless, E



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