Hey peeps its Austin again and if you haven't seen my last one already then you've noticed that it wasn't my usually happy self. A thought entered my head a few minutes ago that got me thinking. The great Swing of life keeps on swinging and i'm the only screw that keeps it in place. I'm happy to be the only one because its a job i know i can handle. i'm happy to do it because as much as she denies it, she makes me extremely happy.  Back and forth back and forth one extreme to the other.  its got me thinking about what triggers them besides the obvious things. She can be happy one minute and sad the next. i am the rock and i will always be the deciding factor. if she can just last the weekend i know that things will get better she just needs to last a few more days because then she will have counseling again and she will get to vent her feelings. she's attempting to blog on here again but keep shying away for some reason.

Blogging is a way for her to vent her feelings and without it she blows up often. I WILL not give up on her and will stick with her to the gates of hell. I will not back down and will continue to fight for her. Things will get better I being the eternal optimist know this for a fact. I know i cant save the world but i will  try and save her because she is my world. For the Peeps that read this, please comment on it, I would truly appreciate some feed back atm.

(Portion for Chained_down)

You know babe i never even took my suit of Armor off since last night and i'm not taking it off. I'm ready to tango tonight again. I was almost considering not letting you read this but against my better judgment i am. Usually i'm funny and witty in my portion dedicated to you. but tonight you go back to the temptation and that is never good. I'm in a serious mood and i would seriously put you in an empty room tonight and lock the door. I love you too much to let you do this again. You know it and i think that might be a reason why i'm still fighting even if you've given up. I know you, i know your voice and i know when your telling the truth. I don't even need to see your face tonight to know that your gonna make another attempt. it doesn't hurt me because in all honesty i don't blame you for wanting to find a way out. I know you hate…you loathe. but i love and i snuggle and I WILL win. i may be overseas but it just goes to show you how powerful the heart is. i know you've got a good heart, your not evil, never have been, never will be. when you told me that you'll be going back to your mum's house today i almost lost my cool there for a moment. I was inches from starting to cry. We are gonna get past this and i'm going to walk you out of it or carry you out of it. You choose..if you don't then i will for you. I love you Chained_Down and i always will. Don't give up, don't Surrender, I won't if you don't, and even if you do, i won't give up on you. Period end of story got it? Good!!! NOW CHEER THE FUCK UP AND SMILE FOR ME….NO I MEAN A REAL SMILE YOU FOOLISH GIRL I WANT YOU TO LAUGH AND LIVE LIFE OTHER PEOPLE DO IT….AND SO CAN YOU!!!! 


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