Saturday, 14 July 2007

NPR, All Things Considered,the anniversary of Bastille Day

McCain quoted Chairman Mao when interviewed on his decision to drop out of the race based his position of support of the war in Iraq and on immigration, and he may support __.

-Gordon Smith, of Oregon proposes to remove troops from Iraq in 4 mo., despite of it being an out-of-party-line decision. Smith currently has access to US$3.5million.

George W. Bush was heard stating, “Progress on security will improve progress on democracy,” and among other strategies “we must …gain control of oil reserves that they would use to fund new attacks on America.” Steve Novick and Bob Lunge were interviewed.

-US interacts with North Korea regarding North Korea's sole nuclear reactor. US is currently trying to gain management abilities over the reactor, possibly because of its homeland security policies.

-A discrepancy between Oakland's Waste Management and its workers' union for the first time in 40 years occurred. It is a “lock-out” because WM cancelled contract the day before it ended. Replacement is “spotty,” and “slowest in the poorest neighborhood.” B/c WM is a private company, the City Council of Oakland is cannot be responsible.

Until now, most of the history known regarding the Holocaust came from the Nazis' “meticulous record-keeping.” 7 Aug 1943 “Kill the Jews.”
2000, Jewish Community of Vienna came across a Nationalist Socialists' list of “deportations” in 1938-39 of 80,000 Austrian Jewish people, specifically the Frost family. Nazis implemented anti-Jewish landing taxes and froze accounts. Local communities created an exchange system to aid 180,000 escaped. However, Austria still refuses to acknowledge its support of the “Jewish Extermination Program.”

Cokie Roberts, who I listened to in primary school, reported on the funereal of Lady Byrd Johnson, which thousands attended including the funny University of Texas Marching Band.

Sponsored, Provencial Retirement,

80% chance of rain tomorrow (7/15/07)

Malacky as the head of Iraq says troops can leave anytime they want.

Typhoon landing in Tokyo tomorrow, landed in Okinawa yesterday (7/13/07).

“Are we spare parts floating around waiting to be exchanged?” Cited an article from 1953 and a professor from Havard, also, the beginning of the atomic age. In one year, 98% of the atoms we have will be replaced by atoms we ingest through our food, drink, and breath. Atoms located in the DNA of the brain, heart and teeth are the main atoms being replaced.

The Prince of Spain paid for a new telescope that can see to the “farthest reaches of the universe.”
The Clash is a result of bombs left over from World War II in Britain. Joe Strummer originally performed with the 101ers when he was a squatter. The Clash was inspired by the Sex Pistols. “The weed is growing thin,” and some other lyrics expressed issues like “global warming.” The Clash's financial success was problematic, and their most known album was London Calling. Redemption Song was played.

Supporters of NPR include the Lending Tree.

There is a marine warning throughout listening area, with an 80% chance of rain tomorrow, “oh well,” according to NPR's weather reporter.

“It's never too late to send a thank-you note.” –Prairie Home Companion


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