Okay this particular blog may seem harsh but i am so tired of reading about all this boo-hoo poor me bullsh*t. there are so many negative blogs on this page right now. if some of you would put in half the effort to learn the 12 step program of your choice as you are using or bitching about how sad and lonely you are. we are a family!!!!!!! a family that loves you and will help you through anything you ask. why can't you see that there is no easier, softer way than what NA or AA has to offer you? man why can't you people see it? it's right in front of your freaking face. stop f#@king around and give in to the fact that you have a damn disease and the problem is you?

okay maybe you feel more comfortable sitting on the pity pot than you do being in a meeting listening to people who have actually succeeded in their journey into recovery. by the way if you feel the need to write me back and tell me what an asshole i am i don't really care.

so you find it hard to change everything in your life. do you f#@King want to die? this disease we suffer from is incurable, and sometimes deadly. if you don't do something that involves recovery in your life that is exactly what is going to happen. you are going to let this disease and your pride kill you. i lost 3 people in my life last year to this disease. what is keeping you from jumping into recovery with all your heart and soul? do you do this recovery thing for you? this is a selfish program and i am not here because i want to be seen, find my next ex-wife. i am here because i don't want to be the [email protected]#ked asshole i was for 22 years of my life. i am here for ME!!!!! it's time for you to take a leap of faith before it's too late. don't let the wonders of living clean and sober pass you by. it may be a messed up world we live in but we can live the life we choose today. today and everyday since july 11th, 1989 i have chosen to stay clean.

so do what you wish but try your best to post something positive once in a while so the newcomer will keep coming back to this page. like i said above if you think this is a harsh blog tough sh*t. it was supposed to be. get off your ass and get involved in your own personal program of recovery. stay clean and be good to yourself.

a brother in recovery,



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