Happy Earth Day to all my fellow Earthlings. I remember the first time I celebrated Earth Day, it was about 11 years ago; I went to an Earth Day celebration out at the university campus in my hometown, it was a huge event. I remember I had my tarot cards read and reiki done. They gave out lots of samples of cool stuff. This Earth Day I want to pick up trash out along my street, there is so much of it because we live between two stores on a busy street. I have compostable trash bags that I bought from Thrive Market. But I think I will use one of my old lavender scented trash bags for the street pickup. That’s a bigger bag.

I have a world healing spell that I want to cast today. I haven’t cast it for about a year now, I can’t believe it’s been that long. I am drinking a sencha, I always feel that green tea is the tea closest to the Earth, because, well, it’s green, and it’s the least processed, the most natural. As a witch, I hold Earth Day in high esteem. I am burning sandalwood incense for a greater connection to the Divine, and I will burn green tea incense for the world healing spell. I have lit my protection/good luck candle. I wish my chores would do themselves today, because I want to get right into my Earth Day activities. I have a mountain of dishes to do, and a huge load of laundry in the wash. KCSM has been playing Earth-centered songs this morning as well. I love that they take special days into consideration.

Now I am drinking my husband’s leftover black tea, for courage and banishment of baneful energies. I am drinking it British style, with two spoonsful of sugar and a dash of milk. I wish I had a shrine to Mother Gaia, that’s something that I would do if I had a real house, and therefore the space to have one. My therapist is going to call me in the next half hour, he is in a meeting right now. We are working on dealing with the bad voice that I hear in my head. It didn’t go so well, it really ramped up my anxiety to confront him. I have just taken a Calm Aid (Silexan lavender pill), so hopefully I will be at peace when my therapist calls me. I am listening to meditation music on Amazon Music right now. I haven’t decided if I want to cancel my Prime membership or not. I really don’t want to, because I get my Calm Aid from Amazon, and the music is valuable to me. I just wish that Amazon had a greater emphasis on going green, from their packaging to their carbon footprint. That’s what I like about Thrive Market.

Today is Mother Gaia’s day, I am singing songs to her and praying to her (for her intercession, not as worship), as she is Queen of the Earth. I am going to wear green and blue today. Gosh golly I really don’t want to do the dishes or make the bed, I wish I could wave my wand and have it be done. Now it is time to steep another sencha. I usually steep the same leaves three times. Dear Mother Gaia, be with us, pray for us, show to us your beauty, inspire us to take care of your Earth.


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