So,I haven't been here for a while.You might have noticed or not. I didn't have internet until like a week ago again:)

Christmas holiday was nice.I was on a family holiday, and we went to Tenerife(a spanish island outside of Africa if you didn't know).Most of the time it was nice, but in the end I got tired of being around my family 24/7 and the was the fact that I missed my boyfriend like hell to:)

Don't know if I mentioned it in my last blog post,but I've started seeing a theraphist. I don't know if I like it that much…  One thing is that I can't open up to him at all,I just say "Yes" or "No" mostly. Great,feels like the money is just flying out of the window.

And then there is the fact that my theraphist forget what we have talked about,he forgets what we are going to talk about and things he has said the last time.

Like one time my theraphist said that we were going to talk about my positive and negative sides and he wanted me to think about some positive sides that I have. The next time came and then we talked about something totally different.Similar things has happened several times. I don't think that there is an excuse that he probably have lots of patients and is an lecturerer in college.

I think this is annoying and ruins alot for me,because I don't trust him. How can I when he just forgets everything?I'm thinking about stop going,but I haven't been going that long. I'm just not seeing right now how this is going to help me in the long run.

I thought that when I went to the theraphist, who btw also am supposed to know cognitive theraphy, was going to work with me to help me. Just doesn't seem like he knows how to help me..

And in our last session he said that I could practice speeking in class or in a group. Right, that is going just fabolous!:( People are friendly towards at first and then they just don't bother because I'm quiet all the time. I'm a bit frustrated over myself,SA and everything.

Luckily I have my boyfriend who always listens to all my stupid crap. I think he has helped me more than the theraphist has in some ways.. For example with my self esteem. He always tells me how nice, great and beatiful I am.How I managed to find such a great guy is still a mystery to me.. 


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