I hate when people say just snap out of it or think positive. I mean dont you think if it was that easy I would be doing so. Well I landed in the hospital a few weeks ago AGAIN! I was at work and started having numbness on the left side of my head and the numbness moved to my face and I had slurred speech and breathing problems (felt like I could not take a deep breath and be satisfied…..to this day still cant). I thought I was having a stroke : / Well, I went to the hospital and they looked at me and said since I did not smoke or do drugs, I would not be at risk. The doctor did not even want to check up on me but felt obligated to do and MRI. He looked at them and said there was nothing wrong. Ughhh well it has been like two weeks since that and I am still experiencing the numbness with a slight pain. Also, everytime I try to eat I get nautious and dizzy. I am scared it can be something worst like an aneurysm coming along. I just feel like something is wrong because I do not feel right, but all the docs and tests are saying I have nothing. This is so frustrating!!! I had a sucky thanksgiving. I felt like I was going to die because of the numbness in my head. It felt like I was on a cloud and felt disoriented. I could not focus because everything overwhelmed me and would forget things….ughhh! I tried to have dinner that weekend with my boyfriend and his family at a restaurant and had to excuse myself as I started having the numbness again on the left side of my head and pressure. I thought I was going to pass out and just started to cry. Oh and I had my first acupuncture appt last Wed, but it did not seem to help………UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  1. mimita522 10 years ago

    Thanks Michelle! I will keep searching to see if there is something wrong.

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  2. mimita522 10 years ago

    Hi leper, I received two MRI\'s and bloodwork and everything was negative. The results only showed sinusitis. I am waiting for my insurance to kick in again so I can check with other doctors.

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  3. mimita522 10 years ago

    Thanks so much artless 🙂

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