It\'s silly, but I\'m getting anxious just being on the site and opening up another blank blog entry form.  I\'m making myself do this, because yesterday was no picnic.  It does make me generally uncomfortable to open up my personally feelings and send them off.  

Yesterday, after my episode and visit to the site, I called my husband and finally admitted that I need help.  He was at work and wanted to leave immediately so that we could talk, but I insisted he finish.  We ended up having a great conversation together in the park later.  I admitted that in the past, when I\'ve been on errands alone, my "what\'s up phone calls" have been my way of coping with social anxiety and loneliness.  He knows I have blank or unhappy spells and that I\'m often socially awkward, but now he knows everything.  We have a name for it, thanks to the internet and the thorough articles on this site.  We\'re looking for an avenue to find help.  

This all started when I read the word "honest" in a book recently.  Obviously, I\'ve seen the word before, but it wasn\'t until last week that I decided to reflect that word in my life.  Of course as soon as I say that, I have an anxiety attack. This is a better road though.  I don\'t want the whole world to know my issues, but I\'m concerned that a therapist isn\'t what I need (right now).  I really yearn to have a community around me.  What are some of the avenues that have helped you?  My husband wants to help, but what can I tell him?  This is new to me too.  Is there support or information for our loved ones?  Thanks for any thoughts and suggestions. 


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