I am so frustrated with my neighbor.  He helped me out before I went to the hospital and was asked to watch my dog while I was in the hospital.  he took it upon himself to go above and beyond which I appreciate but now he is not talking to me and i really have no idea why.  but come to find out while I was in the hospital he was telling my friends that they could not come see me in the hospital and that I am a drug addict (I am not a drug addict, I just took a bunch of pills to kill myself…thats different) and he told some people that he had power of attorney over my house and truck and finances.  talk about overstepping your boundaries.  and doing it with a lie.  Like I said before he was asked to watch my dog.  apparently he spent an immense amount of time in my apartment.  Everythign was touched and moved when I got home.  I also found out that he drove my truck the whole time I was gone eventhough that was not part of the deal.  And then to top it all off he was supposed to pick me up from the hospital at noon and never showed up.  I finally got in touch with another friend that picked me up at 4:30.  My neighbor said that I was supposed to call him when I was ready.  I told him that I could not call him because the calling card I had was out of minutes.  and when he was late I did call his house and he wasn't home.  this whole thing is messed up and now I just want the stuff he borrowed back..  I sent him an email…we will see what happens.  I am reasonable person and like to handle conflict like an adult.  talk it out and move forward. but apparently my neighbor just does not have the maturity to do that without shrieking.  I don't need that drama.  but I still feel bad because for awhile there I thought we were building a pretty good friendship.  now I just feel used and stupid for trusting him.


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