I have never been on this sight, but I really need some feedback from someone who understands.  I started dealing with anxiety back in college when stress was just tearing up my stomach.  I developed a huge problem with eating, i.e. I was afraid to eat much of anything because I would feel ill.  Consequently, I became very depressed, and a bit agoraphobic.  With the help of therapy & meds, I got much better.  I finally found out what kinds of things would bother my stomach, and my anxiety became well-controlled.  I even made a trip to Japan this past winter, something I was terrified to do, but I made it. 

So, where I\'m at right now…Monday morning I went out to breakfast with my dad–pancakes, eggs, potatoes…Shortly after finishing I started to feel my stomach gurgle a bit so I took one of my anti-cramping meds and headed to the bathroom.  Long story short, I ended up calling in the paramedics and they helped me, then my dad took me to the ER since my BP was pretty high.  Well, while at the ER, my stomach started to go nuts, and I had waves of pain (cramping, burning, nausea) for hours.  Or course, my anxiety played its part when the pain increased.  I finally was given a pretty strong IV pain killer which really helped.  But now I\'m afraid to eat anything more than juice, applesauce, and dry toast, and I don\'t want to leave my home.  What am I supposed to do?  I have to go work, not to mention continue living.  I\'m scared and I don\'t want to burden any of my family with my issues.  My mom is dead, and my dad is somewhat helpful but doesn\'t exactly know how to help.  Does anyone have any advice?

  1. ggar73 11 years ago

    I\'m still on my meds. Have never stopped. I do need to get back with my therapist.

    Thank you!

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  2. ggar73 11 years ago

    I have never gone off my meds, but I haven\'t seen my therapist in awhile. I know I need to make myself eat, but it is scary just like you said. It is so easy for 1 episode to knock me back. I get scared and so depressed every time I have an episode. It hasn\'t happened for quite some time, but it was a bad one. I don\'t want to do anything but stay inside my room, but I have to get back to work. All I\'ve eaten for the past 2 days is applesauce, dry toast, juice & water. I feel safer eating something while I\'m at home, but I get nervous about thinking about eating at work. I will try to get the scary thoughts out of my head. I lost my mom about 4 yrs ago. She helped me out a lot with this issue.

    Thank you for the encouragement.

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