A fair few of you won\'t know me as i don\'t come here much anymore so i will write a bit about my background.


All of my life i have suffered with anxiety, at 24 i had my first panic attack, i thought i was going to die at the time. I became use to it happening daily after i realised i wouldn\'t die but over the years it wore my reslilience down.


By the time i got to 34 it hard worn me down so much i would run from panic situations to the point where i was housebound. The next 8 years were a living hell and i was also addicted to Diazepam by then. It took me two years to get off Diazepam but i felt much better for not taking it.


So here i am now writing about the last two and a half years. I got very desperate, my mind ran very fast, always has done, so fast i couldn\'t control the panic. My psychiatrist precribed me an anti psychotic called Stelazine to slow my brain down, i was desperate so i took it. It made a difference to me quickly and within a few days i was venturing out, only a very short distance, about 5-6 metre\'s from my door but it was a huge step for me. Over the next two years i built up what i could do slowly, it took that long to break the mental cycle of fear of everything, getting rid of triggers by facing bad situations. I no longer ran from panic and waited it out as i knew it would pass.


Now i can go anywhere and do anything i wish to. I don\'t think i will ever be completely free from anxiety as it still happens sometimes but i have plenty of experience of it to wait for it to pass. With medication i broke the bond of fear, it isn\'t for everyone as we are all different but it gave me a little bit of peace so i could fight it again.


I have always been a philosopher and i have learned that nothing stays the same, so when you are at your lowest ebb, it has to get better and one day you will beat this nightmare called anxiety. Don\'t ever give up on hope as things will change for the better if you keep fighting.




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