I must be a glutton for punishment because my inner attention whore has been pushing the envelope. Just when most prople my age are looking at retirement and slowing down, I've gotten that opening into entertainment that I've always craved. No, not "gotten", I'm making it happen; and not easily I will tell you. But I must sayI feel as though the ice has been broken since I finally got into the comedy club last month and the old me would have been content to rest on his laurels. Point proved, case close right?….Wrong!

I've been asked back to the comedy club in a slot that's on the last open mic night before Christmas…Primo stuff for a "beginner." As if all the holliday and financial stress isn't enough, I needed to add a heapin' helpin' to it! My partner is supportave as ever and reminds me that I *must* get discovered if I'm going to support him in the manner that he'd like to be accustomed! It *would* be perfect to be paid someday for what I love doing., but for now, it's called "paying your dues".

 A  well meaning aquaintance who meant well but didn't know about my past substance abuse problems asked me if I got high or drank before a performance and I told them "absolutely NOT.  My god, I have enough trouble focusing on a good day!"But seriously I've made a pact that if the rush of doing this isn't enough then it just defeats the whole purpose When I find out what that whole purpose is, I'll let you know by the way..

Well wish me luck and break a leg and such. I'm not nearly as nervous as my first run there . My only problem is what to edit out of my routine since they give each comic only a short time onstage. I pretty sure I'm going to do my schtick about Santa and why I hate Christmas and other sick material… And of course, all the well wishes I got from y'all have been hugely appreciated! I'll let everyone know how it goes…

Oh yes, below is a cut-and-paste of my facebook evite that I sent out to my FB buddys. It'll give you an Idea of how I'm marketing myself.

Love and Bear Hugs! Loki

    • When
      Wednesday, December 21, 2011
    • Time
      8:00pm until 10:00pm
  • Where
    878 Peachtree Street Atlanta, GA 30309
  • Description
    The good people at the Laughing Skull Lounge have asked me back for another Open Mic night! This time it's December 21st…That's the last Wednesday before Christmas. Come watch me take on Santa, pedos, and assorted dysfunctional family members. See You there!

    Located Inside
    The Vortex Midtown
    878 Peachtree Street
    Atlanta, GA 30309
    $10.00 at the door or can be bought online @ http://www.vortexcomedy.com/
    Pay parking directly across the street.
    doors open @7:30 show begins at 8pm!

    Laughing Skull Lounge
    878 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30309
    View Map · Get Directions
    $10.00 at the door or can be bought online @ http://www.vortexcomedy.com/
    Pay parking directly across the street.
    doors open @7:30 show begins at 8pm!


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