interesting how the world works right? everything you can imagine can be perfect little do people know how inevitably your imagination will go away so quickly, you think of the good times, the bad times, remorse some things and adore everything else, you remember the happiness you once had and that’s the fuel you use to keep going. Life goes on, not as you expected but good non the less, you smile and thinkI’m ok, nothing can bring me down I’m stronger than ever!and then what happens? life slaps you in the face with something so scary, something that you think isn’t true but you got to believe it, you got to keep going, but where to go from here? your confused, no one understands completely how you feel, you feel like everyone is now staring you and saying “what a shame.” you learn and realize that from now on it’s going to be hard to be the way you used to be, it’s no longer easy to love someone anymore, your afraid, alone in the dark. When you think of who is actually there for you and can’t think of anyone all you think of is this silky red ink flowing everywhere poisoned by thedilutionof dark and black. it’s permanent, there’s no way to remove this poisonous thought thats coursing through you, you regret even more, but what to do? falling and dying isn’t the option “move on” everyone says “keep going, you’ll get over it” but you cant, they don’t know.

so where to go?

back to imagination and think:it’s going to be ok. im stronger nothing can bring me down



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