Devide and Conquer, a notable member of Illuminati said ( Rothchild)- this is a taste of the NWO (New World Order)

In the name of consumerism and bottom line the capitalist way of eroding society and producing mindless consumers, lets face it gone are the days one orders a cup of coffee, medium or dark, with or without, its all about confusing the consumer into a mindless choice Take Starbucks, a marketing gem in how to soften and feed the Mr Joe/Jane average with B.S, Man started drinking coffee as a beverage of choice for its effect as a stimulus, i.e. with caffeine, now one finds a typical order  is a Venti Non fat Decaffeinated Soy Latte with no Foam and a extra shot of water and pay almost $4-00 for the privilege, I mean have you tried to order a “Large “latte in Starbucks, the baby faced Teenager ,(invariably behind the counter under 18 years old) is totally confused – Small, Medium and Large, I mean why the F…K complicate that , what's with Tall, Grande, Venti,  I wonder ,for who's benefit this is other than the corporations that profit from mindless consumerism to elevate the name and increase the price. One can thank the corporations such as Mickey. D., Starbucks and their cohorts for ensuring the working class, gets bigger and the disparity between rich and poor, broadens, employ kids and pay wages that don't meet the “Bread line”,  I mean what's with minimum wage -20 yrs ago our kids were finishing schooling and collage not flipping F..King hamburgers it was not the norm for the average age in a company including the mail order manager to be still schooling in a world that's just motivated by the almighty buck, I mean to become a shift leader one only need to be able to count to 10 and buy into the mindless program of advancement that your career will offer you and yes of course the 1$ per hr pay increase to put up with the hopeless -yet justified work ethic of the “Generation” of now! you pretend to pay us we pretend to work , yet company profits get bigger and better, to appease the wealthy who can invest there ever expanding wealth on the backs of others!!!  I mean, back in the days when men were men, and frontiers were yet to be discovered a cup of coffee was expected to be a strong as Texas mule piss, and yes fart the foam off, but in today's, Herbal, Soy, Decaff ,non-fat, designer society of wimps, ordering a cup of coffee has become a 10 minute life altering experience F…K give me a break, why not drink f…..king water. I mean what's with this BS, gone are the days of a Bartender, it's now a “Mixoligist”, who muddles, a concoction and sells a Lemon grass infused vodka, with basil, and black pepper, strawberries a hint of madras curry powder and tomato juice and calls it a Bloody Raja (a re-work of a classic The Bloody Mary) and can now justify the price of $7-00 as it's a work of art-give me a F…King break, a Mickey costs less than $7-00, needless to say the elevated name of the bartender only costs the company 4 dollars more than minimum wage and still stuck in the 70 with the rate of pay increases over the last 3 decades. Indecently out of curiosity I enquired about a job Titled Head Supervisor of Ware Washing services, it turned out to be a Dishwasher- LOL, however as Head dishwasher you got to pick your choice of shifts and earn 1$ more than your co-workers for the opportunity to take the daily flack, scheduling responsibility's, and basic lack of motivation these lower wage positions inspire in the most diligent workers. Well I got that off my chest so Im off to start my day in a positive way! First of all I'm going to the bus, with obviously not the correct fare, in hand but will count out my pennies and search my pockets for the missing quarter, leaving the passengers waiting to board in the freezing rain, then after stopping at StarF..cks will proceed to order a medium full roast double caffeine ( try asking the barrister which blend has the most caffeine if you would like to lengthen the time of your service) coffee with 2% milk and deliberate on whether to purchase the CD, on the racks at the till ,as I really need that catchy tune for my collection, when I feel the wrath of my fellow customers burning into the hairs of my neck, I will take my next trip to the bank where I will do a month of bill payment at the counter , including a request for balances to all my accounts, daily exchange rates and queries on how to increase my overdraft and credit facilities, whilst striking up another mindless conversation with the bank teller to distract them for serving me efficiently, after which proceed to the auto teller and do a full audit on all my transactions, just to make sure I've done all I needed to do till my next visit-tomorrow where I will repeat this routine. On the way home a visit to the supermarket where I will leave my shopping at the check out counter as I proceed to look for the milk I forgot ,and then check my bill item for item whilst querying the specials and of course splitting the bill on debit and credit cards, now that I have spent half my day complicating my sorry little F…king life and holding up whoever is behind me, I will return home, to watch sponge bob square pants, eat rice cakes instead of crisps and enjoy the fruits of my labor!!!

Ps this blog is not intended to offend anyone of any demographics, however is my own satirical view on life in this day and age and our declining values and prioritys!


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