I wonder, what kind of man I should date. Of course if I find a mate. Moving from my country. Only if he lifes in Europe, South America because we have free meds.

Of course since "Chavistas" are governing south american countries, this is a complete hell, of course my country is still trying to be OK, but very soon we'll be like Venezuela: they don't even have toilet paper.

I've been diagnozed for 8 years met some guys, dated 3 of them all tribers. Only one … according to my standars of being a gentleman could be my choice, but I found him flirting, mmmm… but he's very cultured and has a great sense of humor.

I don't like bitter guys, always complaining even about what they cook. I can date a smoker, but it's bad for my CD4. Alcohol as chocolates….. bad, very bad for our fatty liver. Doctors never say that our meds damage our liver, kidneys, brain.

A sporto… mmmm…. only if he swims like me. My leg since I had shingles hurt when I walk a lot….

Drugs… mmm… when I began meeting HIV people for me the word: DRUG was a SIN, but I've notice medical marihuana is good for some of us. So it's a maybe only if he uses it for medical or recreational, of course recreational once in a while.

A man with children? Of course it's a YES! Only if the ex is not an annoying woman trying to make your life look like hell. I love children even if they are not of my own. But the poor guy would have another child at home, I love playing with them, talking with the girls about boys, clothes and make up. And with the boys playing wildy all over the house, garden, bedroom. I'm some kind of Peter Pan. I was a NERD as a child, teen and in my early 20s.

I worked since I was 13, not because my family was poor. Just because my father was the nerd kind. No money for movies, new clothes. Only books, learning new skills, he prepared me for being a scientist. But I ended being an art lover.

Of course I'm kind of bossy but not the jelaous kind, he can have female friends as soon he doesn't go after each pair of legs he watches.

Bisexual???? mmmmm…. not my kind. I like very very straight men. With a dark past? NO WAY. They are scary. Maybe I could end with my head stick in a wood like a Dracula's wife.

Also the way he got inffected, if he was so horny that he forgot the condom, it's a yes. or it was a blood transfusion. In my case it was… I was raped my an alcoholic and drunk man. It was at his parents house, I considered them as a family but they hide a man who was in jail for narcotrafic…

Many african men flirt with me because of my skin color, but I'm 1/4 japanese!!! Imagine a japanese family with afro grandchildren… scaryyyyyyyy.

So I think, I'll keep on wondering, wondering and wondering…. Just thinking out loud.

if you find mispelling, I'm dislexyc


  1. Gigi 7 years ago

    Tecky, when I'll have my dad's inheritance, you'll see a bunch of weirdos after me 😛 😉

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  2. Gigi 7 years ago

    Buahhhhhhhhh Sis!! It's not my fault to be born with a high IQ, buahhhhhhhhhhh

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