Well its gonna be pretty uneventfull, I shall spend it playing my Wii (i lost 0.3kg lol so far) and cleaning the house once it gets cooler 🙂

Ive had to get a little bit creative over the past few days, mum bought a portable air conditioner the other week, and since this week its been pretty  hot and this air conditioner is apperently not strong enough to cool  down all of down stairs, I've had to get creative. I have alfoiled the back windows made some flappy thing to go over the open door (needs to be open a bit so the vent at the back of the cooler can release hot air) that task alone was very frustrating, cutting cardboard is not very easy with blunt scissors lol, then I made a curtain to block off upstairs with about 3sheets lol and transported two fans down to circulate the air lol Rather proud of my work… not very attractive but rather effective lol except my poor fishy is not enjoying it, the cooler eveperates water so my fish's water goes down rather fast, but thats half ok, cause the last time I filled his bowl to the top he bloody jumped out and tried to commit suicide lol

Ive given myself a mini make over, I put lowlights in my hair and cut it, I do my own hair because the last time i went to a hair dresser, she fucked it up big time and I cried and threatend to sue them, I was under the hair dryer and didnt realise my talking to mum was so loud (lol) yes a bit dramatic but hey I was only 16 lol but got a discount so I wouldnt sue lol (not that I would have lol). I re shaped my eye brows, they're looking pretty good I think.

well I think thats it from me today, and ill post in the new year, what ever you are doing for it, try and enjoy it, if your not doing anything it is not the end of the world and there are many more to come 🙂


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