I have thought this for awhile now… but what is "intelligence" anyway…

There are sensible people… there are smart people who think in variety of ways…

but I think the today's logical scale of intelligence… has taken this to an extreme.

I think it is dangerous to solidify any type of idea… cause there are very little we can be so sure of in this world.

I sometimes think… what is being smart anyway? yes there are different intelligences to be measured… but someone who's considered smart in America might not be considered smart in Haiti where it's harder to survive.

I think it is crazy how so many ideas… once thought to be wacky, or crazy is starting to be solidified in the next world and then… they're again proven to be obsolete…

What is being right anyway? in this system of going around and around, I think it all depends on how one sees things…

Because one thing that might make sense to you now, the opposition might make sense to you later… And if this this is "true" than that is why I am asking what is the right "way" of ANYTHING basically.

I think the human mind is so feeble… Many people go through school not questioning anything… excepting everything as fact… and later on if that is proven to be false than they will not know about it.

Clinging on to a belief that's "false" in the present world.

If we keep evolving and keep changing beliefs and ideas as times goes on… than what's there to say that were more "intelligent" than the people thousands of years ago.

Now we have come a long way… we did prove a lot of stuffs with sciences… (but science many times contradicts itself with other science…) but all these, I do not think, measures the real "intelligence".

Because all these has to do with memory… something that's just taken on and put into memory… Not really thinking about it while at it.

For me… I don't think real intelligence is something that has to do with memory or a skillset of learning how to drill the walls or fix a computer…

Because in my view, I see these as sort of… "machinic" things or works.

What makes us human… is something in our minds that doesn't have to do with remembering this and that… and I think it's rarely spoken about it.

It's hard to say… what "intelligence" is… because the value ranges from different people, different countries…

Yeah I heard that the average IQ quotient has been escalating the past few decades… but I am not impressed…

I think there's a chance that we might have lost something in the way… Or not acknowledging something that was once important to us…

Humans have the uncanny ability to adapt… as times change and we are brought upon a completely different world with different values… different teachings… the way our mind works changes too.

Something that was deemed extremely valuable (Of a person's character) 100s of years ago might not be in today's world.

Because the workings have changed… Someone that might have had success… fame… or whatever you think of actual value in the world today might not be as successful in the past.

And that's interchangeable.

I feel that there's something to learn in everybody… even from the cavemans…

Now that leads to the thought that… Today's philosophy that have applys and have been deemed "true" by millions… might not have the same effect in the future… or in the past.

If we really wanted to study philosophy… and the way things were… than i think we should also know how the cavemans thought or how people 100 years ago thought.

Because it's not like today's life is the whole of life… It's all connected… They were humans too… and were people who just happened to live at this point of time… This point of time in the universe… or the life on earth.

So really… most things in the world are illusions… Something that sensible people think as facts and on the ground were thought intuitive or otherworldly? back than.

All the sciences teachings… I wonder what they mean… we keep growing… trying to find the truth… but I wonder if we just ended up muddying the waters.. Making it even more confusing to find the meaning of life.

So much stuffs to learn… It has made the most important questions… and the most simple like an "illusion".

Maybe the stuffs that were thought as concrete, and common sense millions of years ago… are seen as too complex in our time…


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