Well, we're back from our "anniversary getaway". Sadly it turned out to be something I almost wish we hadn't done. The first night and day were really nice and we did a lot of walking around the resort and just enjoying each other's company. Then on Saturday evening our friends came over to join us to go to a car show and dinner. We wandered around the streets lined with classic cars and shopped through the botiques and such and then headed for dinner.

Dinner took forever. How long should it take to get a chicken ceaser salad, a taco salad, a sandwich and a steak?! I swear we were there for over an hour waiting for the food we ordered. It was cold and windy and we had asked to sit outside to watch the car parade go by us. So by the time we were done all of us were popsicles.

We did some more wandering, and after about an hour Aaron started to feel ill ~ so we all headed back to the resort. Originally we were planning to be up playing board games and goofing off and they would stay on the sleeper sofa, but by the time we got back to our room Aaron was green. Our friends decided to drive home around 9 p.m. Aaron immediately hit the bed. Let's just say I got no sleep because he was so sick. At 5:30 a.m. I suggested that we leave for home (because he wanted to be at home in his bed) and there was a lull in him having to be right near a bathroom. So I drove us home and had to be really careful myself because I was so tired from not sleeping the night before.

Today he's been in bed since we got home. I slept too until about 11:30 a.m. and then went and picked up my son from his grandma's and brought him back here. I feel like I'm doing double duty and it's almost too much to handle. I'm trying to take care of Aaron and spend time with Zachary but I'm exhausted. I got Zach to bed just an hour ago. I took him out to lunch earlier and then we came home and tried to relax.

I have had to go to the store 3 times today, and that's besides the drive home from Orlando. I don't want to get into the car again anytime soon, but tomorrow he's going to see a doctor. He's running close to 103 degree fever and nothing is touching it. At least the vomiting has stopped. I can get him in the car now and most likely make it there.

I also saw my psychiatrist on Friday afternoon. He cut my Abilify in half and is going to see me in amonth. If I'm still gaining weight he's going to put me on something else ~ and he promised this to me. I don't think I want to know what another month like this will do though. 20 pounds is a lot; I don't want another 5 or 10before I get off this stuff. But I trust him, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

At least we had 2 good days before Aaron got sick. I did enjoy those. I'm going to go shower…I feel gross. I hope everyone is doing alright as always, and I hope to catch up with everybody soon. Things have kept me from keeping in touch like I normally do.

Sweet dreams my friends. 🙂

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 10 years ago

    Sounds like another challange successfully faced.

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