Hey i’m Tyffani and i’m 16 since october. I like reading and making art and and the feeling you get when you lay down at the end of a good day and relax. Every since I was little i’ve not liked myself very much. I’ve always been overweight and even when I was very little I noticed how people favorited others before me. The feeling when it’s gym class and you are the last picked for the 3rd day and after years of that it doesn’t get any less embarrassing. When I was that little I got taught that i’d never be anyones first place so I made myself my own last place too. Always putting others before me and letting people make me feel unimportant because nobody ever made me feel otherwise. After finally finding someone who understands me and who’s always been here and now (as of today) realizing that she’s disconnecting and getting bored of me has made me fear that I will be stuck with myself forever. What i’m trying to do by being here is work on myself because if I have to be alone with me forever then I want it to be at least halfway enjoyable. I’m unteaching myself everything people have told me starting now because I would never tell someone that they deserve to be last so why keep telling myself?


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