So far today is pretty peaceful. I always believe God lets things happen for a reason. Like this site, I've found a lot of inspiration and motivation from you all. You're all angels.

So, yesterday was crazy. A bank near me was held hostage and it didn't end well. I had so many mixed emotions. I watched, as so many did, in suspence as some hostages were set free. The nogotiater tried again to get the gunman to cooperate. The gunman, however, didn't have such a happy ending. i felt for all of them really. What caused him to choose that path? What was his childhood like or his story?

This morning, more bullying from mom going to the grocery store. I stopped at a local Italian pizza shop my friend worked at. She wasn't there so I just ordered to go. I felt peaceful there and saw that a waitress looked familiar. Did I know her from school? I don't know. She was sweet. I sat in a bar chair next to a police officer. He was cool, laid back. He was talking about the hostage situation and his buddy in the SBI.

I began thinking about their mental health. Then I found out more psychologists are there for officers to talk to after traumatic events. It reminded me that we're all human and we all have our limits. I went to get my drink, glanced at my mom's car out there and thought about applying for a job there. I think I'd like that. but first, I gotta go to the DMV again *shudders* time to renew…ughhh


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