One little hit,

doesn’t really matter,

one busted lip a single black eye,

there’s no need for me to cry,

every bite he tastes your skin,

letting all his sins sink in,

pushes you down steals your crown,

just waiting on you to fall and drown,

no, it doesn’t matter,

take all the pain in,

no it doesn’t matter,

you smile and let him win,

pins you down steals your heart,

slowly tears it apart,

you put on a face,

so there’s no disgrace,

you know you’ve been misplaced,

while they watch you trip on your lace,

a laugh a giggle even a snort,

you’ve heard all of it before,

but you smile and say,

“it’ll be okay”

it’ll only get better,

i just gotta keep thinking this way,

i’ve gone all the way down,

whats next? IT”S UP,

or so you thought,

he’s got you by the throat,

now your starting to choke,

the throws you down and ends your life,

so much for thinkin things were alright,

if this happens to me oh well,

i know only in the pain happiness dwells,

if i am to die tonight,

wish me luck on the lesson of flight,

i’ll take the beatings and open the door,

my dad still calling me a fucking whore,

but thats okay i really don’t mind,

because the stars are all aligned,

things will get better I say,

but if i’m lucky i’ll die today….

  1. aquazium 2 years ago

    Wow, you really have a gift.
    Your life isn’t going to go for nothing. Even if this kills you, you’ll still have made my life better.
    I’m sorry that I keep saying things will get better, I know if you run away or die or get protection they will, but in this specific situation right now they won’t. I can’t promise anything, Ray, except that you are never truly alone. Even if it’s just God watching you.
    I know there’s a way out of this, there are ways out besides death. And if that’s what happens, that’s fine, too. Your life has a purpose(it’s NOT to be beaten up), and you are important to me. I wish I could give you my life so you wouldn’t have to suffer anymore. If you can find a way out other than death, things WILL get better. If not, I’ll miss you. A lot.

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  2. deadsoulx 2 years ago

    you have a talent to write such BRILLIANT poems , and you say you wanna die ?
    honey , we all know life is unfair – but suicide is not always an option , actually it never is. As aquazium said – things will get better, i believe it will. its just not the right time yet. life is full of mysteries ykr! no one knows what happens next.
    honey , why dont you speak up and defend yourself? it might be hard but how worse can life go from there?
    and also – keep on writing these poems , i am pretty sure that these poems will be the way out – it will make you reach your destiny and hence will provide you success. if that’s your passion – follow it!

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