I just found and joined this group and am very grateful that there are others out there who can possibly understand what I am feeling. My 20 year struggle with drug addiction has robbed me of so much & yet I sit here wishing I could just use and make this all go away! I have suffered from migraines that completely stop my life when they come on since the age of 14. Additionally, my doctor started me on narcotics at that time and eventually it led me down the path of severe addiction. I just had seizures and a stroke about 2 weeks ago. One minute I was lying in bed (in a hotel room by myself) and the next thing I know it’s the folowing afternoon and I woke up in the Intensive Care Unit. In addition to the seizures and stroke, they found an aneurism in my brain which I will have to have surgery for it to be removed once I figure out how to get insurance.  My entire life has changed (and needs to). I am scared and mad and very overwhelmed. I am trying to come to terms with everything that is going on, but am having a hard time at it right now. My family is has taken me back in for the time being as I cannot be alone in case I have another seizure or stroke or if the aneurism bursts.  For this I am extremely thankful, but that too comes with its own set of issues.  I have found that I do really have a few true friends that have been here for me throughout everything, yet I have isolated myself and stuffed in so much over the years that I am having problems reestablishing my relationships with them.  If anyone has any words of encouragement and/or suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!!

  1. prettygurl-2 1 month ago

    Hope that you can get your surgery soon so you can start your recovery as soon as possible I’m sorry you are going through this and I hope everything turns out well I’ll be around here I just signed up as well and if you need support just message thanks

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  2. carlos84 2 weeks ago

    I too am re establishing friendships and the thing is I haven’t seen them for years and I don’t FEEL like the same person anymore. I been thru a lot of shit and it changed me……forever so hang in there…….it will get better. I know you been hanging in there….I know…..It is hard I can’t imagine to be in your situation but there is hope

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