What is going on? A phrase I often repeat to myself.  At this time I live at home. Yes, with my parents. With my son. I dont know what the hell is going on lately.. Everyone seems so PISSED OFF! Why?! Why is it just recently that I cannot stand the sight of my father. Mind you, this man has done some terrible things.  For the most part I bite my lip and we get along. It seems like any time, ANYTIME! We talk-arguing. Question- arguing. Anything- arguing. WHY.. what the hell is so wrong in our lives??!

I just dont get it. We have food, a roof, clothes, etc.. but why isnt that enough? Its not just my family. Its not just my home. Other people or families are experiencing high tensions and anger as well. Now- Im about to sound crazy here- But! This is a place where we can let it out- so here goes. I have been watching so many conspiracy videos. I stay up at night watching them. Listening to the “sounds of the heaven” or the “trumpets of the appocolypse”. Either way, some shit is going down. There is no denying that!!

Chem trails, “booms” being heard round the world. Along with the trumpet noises. This has been happening since 2011, how in the hell is there not a cause yet?! We just accept that we do not know?? Wtf is that? Here is my point. The chem trails scare me, because I dont put that past our government. Make the sick sicker and the weak weaker and keep drawing lines between the wealthy and the not so wealthy.

Americans are pissed off people to begin with. Though my family lived in such harmony for so long. Why is it just recently that we cant even say a freaking WORD to one another without someone freaking out!.. It’s annoying and stressful. I am so tired of living at home and without my fiancé. We need to get our own place so that i can get out of here.. I Do not believe the fact that we are just fighting is “from living together” and it being apart of life. We all have gotten along so well.. My family is the one where everyone and their mom was over ALL the time. My parents have 4 children. They will tell you they have 14.

Whatever it is. I need to stop watching the videos. I dont want to turn a blind eye to the truth, but i want to be 100% sure when i do believe in something. Thoughts?

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  1. bridgie101 5 years ago

    um, yeah. Steer absolutely clear of the tinfoil hat stuff.

    Let’s break that down. It’s either true, or it’s not true. Right?

    1. it’s true
    It’s true, there is no where you can go to escape the chemtrails, the apocalypse is soon, end times is coming. So… what can you do about it?

    Nothing. So you knowing it’s coming does no good for you.

    2. it’s not true
    you’re stressed, anxious, and not a happy camper. You are getting stressed, losing sleep, and probably becoming very hard to live with. For no benefit.

    Either way, ditch them. Anxiety makes us obsess. What did I just spend the long weekend doing? researching how to build an underground house. Why? Because my neighbour’s drains aren’t clear and she’s got an easement under my land and she’s not going to dig it up. Okay she’s a giant moron, and yes, I’ll have to do my place up and sell because I don’t want to be the servient party to her ginormous retarded dominant party. Sorry… that’s anxiety isn’t it. Overthinking.

    You’re finding your family all strung out, but you yourself are getting yourself strung out. I’d suggest you getting mellow. If you need to watch things on youtube, watch children’s movies or zombie flicks or something. Something that doesn’t freak you out. You’ve no idea how you are impacting on the family.

    It’s really hard to tell who starts fights when you have anxiety. But it’s usually the anxiety sufferer because they have less resilience and take the wrong end of the stick.

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