Hey thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone, i had a great time, My bday fell on the bank holiday weekend so my friends had a party for me on good friday and on sat i went out for a meal with my family and on the sunday (the actual day of my birthday) i went out to a music session with a guy im kind of seeing. Was a really good night too. Iv seen him a couple of times since, he came over to my house a few times last week and we watched dvd's and had a couple of drinks. Were going to the cinema tongiht. He's a realy nice guy, very grouded, working in the same job for 10 years, never taken any drugs of any description which is a definate bonus. Were not serious at the moment but i do like him and im wondering what u all think i should do about revealing my past? Its always something i worry about when i start seeing someone cos i never know wheater to tell them, i mean for someone who has never had any involvement with drugs to find out that the person they are seeing was a heroin addict, thats a pretty big thing for someone like that to find out… I dont feel like i NEED to tell him but i feel like i am being deceptive. I dont know. I wouldnt even consider telling him unless things got alot more serios but im just wondering what you all think?

I went back to see my counsellor yesterday, only had a quick chat for a half hour but we have another appointment next week. beofre yesterday i hadnt seen her in about 2 months so i need to start again, plus im thinking of reducing my dose of anti depressants to 15 mg a day with a view to coming off them completley in the near future.

Hope everyone is well x

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  1. KizzyT31 13 years ago

    Thanks for both of your replies, they both make equal sense, but the approach i think i am going to go for is to just wait a little bit and see how things progress with us…if it starts to get serious then i will tell him but if not and things end or dont work out then at least my personal business wont be out there floating about like yesterdays newspaper.

    I dont know where things are going to go with us right now, i mean i do like him, he is a nice and decent guy but i have been really badly hurt in past relationships so its kinda hard to let my barrier down but im trying.

    Thanks for the advice.

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