Many times we know what we fear, and we want to overcome our fears by facing them. When the moment to face the fear approaches, we shirk back, becoming afraid again. How do you face your fears then?
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Make a list of the fears you want to face. In a notebook clearly and specifically list whatever you are afraid of. This might take some thinking but make the effort- you'll feel awesome later on. Some simple fears you can face are: approaching a stranger all by yourself and saying, "Hi", taking the initiative when in a group of friends and addressing them, going up to a hotel manager and telling him the food today was nice and so on. Make your own list
Select one fear that you will work on. Don't worry about how daunting the fear is. You'll face it anyway.
Depending on how daunting the fear is, break it into steps. Does it seem too terrible? No problem, break your fear into smaller fears until you feel that you will be able to face the "little" fear with some effort on your part. For instance- If you're scared of another person in your school and want to make friends with them, smile at them, have a coversation,hang out with them, ask them to be their good friends. So you see breaking the fear into mini-fears makes it easier to face.
Resolve to face one mini-fear a day. Before you sleep every night, write down the exact fear you are going to face the next day. Then when next day has come to an end, put a tick before the mini-fear you have faced.
Reward yourself every evening after you have faced a mini-fear. Possible rewards are eating a piece of decadent chocolate or your favorite flavor of ice cream.
Throughout the day, keep telling yourself- "I want to be ripped apart, I want to be called a fool, I want to be a laughing stock – I'll face my fears anyway". This helps you adopt a mindset where you will tend to face anything you fear rather than run from it. Before you know, you will even be facing fears on the spot without needing to list them. For example, if you are attending an event where the stage speaker calls up a volunteer on stage, you might observe that you are afraid to go up on stage and immediately decide to face this fear and rush onto stage anyway!

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