So why is it that some people in this program are sponsors when they themselves do not have a working knowledge of the 12 steps? when you have some one ask you to be their sponsor it is an honor and a privelege to be asked to do that. but if you have not worked through all 12 steps at least once what do you truly have to offer this person. just because you have 3, 4 5 or more years if you have not completed the 12 steps and traditions with your sponsor how do you think you can help this person work through theirs?

i see this occur more often than not. even with some of my own sponsees. i ask them how can you truly help someone when you don't know what the f#@k your doing yourself? only when we have actively worked the 12 steps for ourselves can we offer any body anything. our personal Recovery cannot and will not grow with out doing the foot work for ourselves first. don't get me wrong i love the fact that i see people trying to help the newcomers become active in their personal program of recovery but unless your active in your own personal program of recovery what do you really have to offer that sponsee? Let's at least be honest in our abilities. I ask my self constantly what do I really have to offer.

I just found out I have full blown Hepatitis "C". you would have thought with all the 100's of blood tests I have had in the last 20 tears with being a full blown diabetic, Heart Attacks, open heart surgery and 3 others, plus 8 other surgeries somebody would have caught this somewhere along the blood lines. but no it can stay dormant in your system for 30 years. So once again God puts me into another battle in life. It's all good treatments have been scheduled and we shall go on from there. I hope you all had a great weekend. Aloha and Big Hugs, JJ


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