God is no man’s debtor!

You will never outgive God; you will never do more for Him than has done and will do for you. It is God’s nature to give. God so loved that He gave (John 3:16). But His love isn’t seen only at the cross of Jesus. In fact, the whole earth is full of the lovingkindness of the Lord (Psalm 33:5). And out of that fullness, the Almighty God has stored up goodness for those of us who fear Him — who reverence and honor Him.

I used to not believe this. I didn’t recognize God’s blessings and thought all giving was a one-way street from me to Him. I assumed doing good things scored me points with an exacting God who kept score of rights and wrongs. Having grown up with Depression-era parents, I projected frugality and thrift onto my heavenly Father.

I’ve changed. Scripture and life experiences have altered my perception of God. He isn’t stingy. He doesn’t hold back from us because He lacks the ability to share. He has great goodness stored up for us. The goodness He pours out might come in any number of ways — wisdom, health, relationships, peace of mind, love, security, gifts, talents, finance, our spouse, our children — the list is endless and God’s means of blessing us often comes as an unexpected surprise.

Honor God today, both in private and before others. Do it because He’s worthy, and then thank Him for the goodness He will pour out upon you.


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