Responding to SOMEONES comment: In reference to the comment posted on my previous blog the letter to the president.

I disagree with the comment you made. I am a hard woking person living with AIDS who pays taxes. Have the most expensive medical insurance my company has to offer and still have a $600.00 monthly co-payment for my medication. Which really frustrates me to no end. I could easily sit at home and be on disablitiy and recieve medical insurance, housing, public assistance and free education for my children. Which would take care of alot of my financial woes … but i choose to work for my mental and emotional well being. HIV/AIDS diagnosis has stripped me enough of a basic normal life. I went from being a cancer patient where I was able to talk to anyone about my disease without fear of judgement to having AIDS where I now have to be very careful who I disclose my status to because of the social stigma that still exsists with this disease. And that is just one of the drastic changes that comeswith my AIDS diagnosis there a thousand other issues that I have to live with every day because I am a person living with AIDS. But along this jouney I realized I still had choices and there were still things that I could do to keep my life as normal as possible. So when I had the choice to be on disablitiy or work I choose to work. AIDS took alot of things from me but working is one of those basic normal things that I managed to keep as close to normal as possible.

I am working class … I pay taxes … I pay for the poor and bail out the rich …

Given a choice as to where my taxes should go … I will choose the poor … I prefer my money goes to help support someone like my self who might have choosen disablity than fund a senseless war or bail out wall street not once but twice. I have to pay taxes every single year while a company like GE get to pay no taxes last year. I choose to work inspite of all this just because its normal and because it gives me a choice. So when you assume that if I given the choice to keep my money would do so I have to disagree. I had the choice to live off of the social security disablity I earned insteadI chose to work and pay taxes that is more of afinancially benefit to the poor and the rich than it is for me the working class …

  1. hulkamainia 11 years ago

     Frustration clouds vision. as far as paying taxes to the rich that will never end. but i can help lower the medical insurance cost i will tell you how to do that once  you contact me. remember thinking clearly will allow you to see clearer.

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  2. Romeo 11 years ago

    MJ…..great blog! I would like to add that the flat tax only works if its 100% income based with no deductions almost like the sales taxes are; also if they actually did that the majority of economists have shown it would only take between 10-15% flat tax for individuals & governments to bring down the debt & run the government. You don't walk up to a convenience store register  and go, Oh wait, I had a loss on my capital gains from investitures last year so I don't get chargedsales tax…..WTF? I can honestly say that my fiance'e  Shakira (aka Julia829) mant no disrespect toward people on disability. She was trying responding to the response that said if "you" were wealthy you wouldn't want to be taxed that much. Her point was nobody wants to be taxed….period, But we are! If you tax a middle income family that just qualified for a higher tax rate they weren't expecting and make them pay 4K on a 100K income after deductions, allowances and credits and then make a person that makes a million a year and they pay 40K on that with allowances,deductions & credits…….the PERCENTAGE of the taxes paid is exactly the same but I guarntee you that the middle class family of 4 or 5 will "feel" those taxes and it will hurt them economically BUT the millionaire will ovly cancel his summer trip to Cannes in the mediterranean. It may be equal but its just not fair…….- B 

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