This morning as I stood there with tears in my eyes I met my grandson for the first time. As I watched him struggleing to breathe listen to him try so hard to catch his breath, I thought to myself, "this is the most beautifullest little boy in the world."  AS I sit here and cry writng this because I worry about my daughter and her frame of mind as she worrys about her new son that she has only been able to see 1 time so far, I think about her tears aas she was crying to me just a few hours ago " Momma I want my baby, I want my baby to be ok" I sit here and worry and cry some more for my new grandson Zakkery Daniel born 7/17/2009 at 2:33 am  because he is a sick baby. 

I went into the NICU to see him for the first time and he has oxygen helping him breathe tubes to help him eat, IVs to keep him hydrated and administer medication.  Oh he is beautiful.  God he is beautiful.  I haven\'t slept in over 24 hours.  I can\'t sleep my head and heart is filled with worry.  I thought we would be bringing my grandson home today or tomorrow but thats not whats happening. He was born blue not breathing his cord was wrapped around his neck, he pooped while Tina was pregnat alot so he ingested his own poop into his lungs, there is still other fluids in his lungs he is not getting enough oxygen, he can\'t eat or suck they are trying to keep his lungs from collapsing, he has an air bubble in his chest outside of his lung that should have been the air that went into his lung.  His chest is protruding out because of the airbubble, and he is having to work so hard to breathe but he is doing it.  He grunts to breathe.

The second time I went to visit hime He was sleeping.  He wasn\'t struggling for air as bad.  The doctors say the airbubble could go away by itself or they may have to put a tube in his chest to deflate the air bubble.  There is a chance he may have suffered brain damage.  Oh how this precious little boy has captured my heart.  I wish I would have brought the camera home but I left it for Tina to look at her son anytime she wants to. 

The nurse who transported Tina to the 2nd floor after the emergency C section kept telling me, " Don\'t worry They will take care of him Mam, Don\'t worry.  Sorry but I do worry and I am going to worry, but one thing also, I do pray and I do believe in the power of prayer.  He is struggling now, but I believe he will be just fine. and I believe TIna will be fine as well.


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