20yrs old daughter wtH!!!! People warned and now I DO NOT wnat to deal. She thinks she is so deserving of all of me and everything I have and give. Somewhere in the last year er two er three (lol) seriously tho things have turned ther to being so self centered so the oposite of what I was or thought I brought her up. UGHHHHHH so the car that was stolen was moneybut this year I couldnt afford the insurance so my brite idea to put the car in her name , as she has diff address and ins, cheaper blah blah basically ins. cheaper and affordable to be legal. So a few time while in her name she has pulled the (your not driving MY car " bring MY car home" & actually escalated to "im gonna call the police" yep my child UNBELEIVABLE..told her to find a new home if she did. she did not but the next nite the car was stolen. Now let me back up a lil bit, whilst she was doin all the demanding her byfriend was selling his crap car for $600 so i bought but not all the way as the ins. issue came up again. was saving the $ to get to be legal then the car stolen so now MY new crap car is going to replace the old crap car and well the ins will be transfered from the old car in her name to now the new car in HER name again due to ins. I am so over it. I can not get any kind of freedom. I am so sorry my life has been my child but she is so Ungrateful right now. Her byfriend was giving us a ride to get the car and she actually told me how I Should be GRATEFUL he is even doing this. I should be REALLY I mean after all who will be driving the car 95% of the time. $600 down the drain for her to drive I am so over it she acts as if THIS is my job. I have tried to have talks with her but she is so all about her and my being a baby and not a good mother. Im at my ends with her and do not wnat to put her out . My only family that speaks to us is my mom and sister in FL. She really doesnt have many fiends as her byfriend which i forgot to add is EX jus of recent so ll that drama with her , they went out for 6yrs i sure hope the break up dont last long and then lastly yes lastly the lanlord and these fricgen house taxes . He said he call Friday of course hasnt. The house Im in may be in tax fclosure. Only good things about he D is they are so backed up it maybe a few mos. before they actually do anything years for that matter. (prob not with my luck but ya get me.) ok so today is Monday & I sure hope that this is all the mania that it will bring. We have new crap car in driveway the byfriend cant find title and works so who knows if itl'l be today or tomoro. one good thing is I have to legs , can walk and know how to ride the bus and will. as for my daughter well she will be stuck…sucks to be her for the moment. thaks for reading if ya hung in there…alot for a monday but needed to clear the head and start this weeek betetr than the last. Much love & blessing going out! xoxo

  1. ohioborn 11 years ago

    Pink…I feel your PAIN. I, too, have 2 daughters at 21…and although I LOVE my daughters, I do NOT LIKE them at all.

    I seems their generation seems to think they are entitled to all that you have, they dont have to do ANYTHING fir theirselves, but are so quick to INFORM us(parents) that THEY ARE GROWN!!!

    As MY HEALTH is a bit more IMPORTANT to ME… Ive had to “let go…n let GOD” handle it…

    Stress KILLS those of US in this “click”, and stressing over my daughters lack of maturity was only gonna shorten my lifespan, hell, I got enought “issues” in my own life…


    All I can tell you is to keep your head up….and TAKE CARE OF Y O U!!! 

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  2. pink68 11 years ago

     wow thanks for all the wise words even tho sucks most had to go thru it. Is it my guilt that just wont say fuck u bitch get out cuz baby i do wanna say it. But God knows I wont ………until that buttun is pushed. She is my daughter and she toys with it alot but the button may get pushed within the next few months..just hope i can hang in. I live the life I live to eliminate all stress from my life , I barely speak to family and for that they do not speak to me/us.I can barely do me let alone try and help and listen and do them. their problems (most any way) are BS, i wish i had such problems. whiners like me right now i suppose ..ok then on that note just thank u why is it that it makes you feel better when u know someone else is going thru or went thru what you are even when its bad shit. Sounds liek a new group could be formes……lol how not to kill your "IM GROWN" child er sumthin.thanks shanks and tanks!!!

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  3. pink68 11 years ago

     Manu , my hopes was for her to appreciate the sacrafices and the things Ive went thru for 20yrs with her by myself as a single mother dealing with this crap. And havent thought of her taken car eof me just more that i do not have to take care of her or be fully responsible . Im tired. She does try when all is good with HER…she pays for things and does things but when her boat is rocked as her & the bf break up well …not gonna keep going ..bad energy need to try and let go. went to Police station finally made report. & she jus left with him to get ttitle reg & plates so looks like we r on road again. a talk wil be needed asap but that is not now nor probably today . take care lets try to be stress free and outta jail. Cheers! Ima chill w a spliff and glass of wine…its 5oclock somewhere! wow I ramble when i get goin ..lol Ciao

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  4. Gigi 11 years ago

    A good spank while she was growing could be usefull, never, never spoil a child. They need to know where money comes from: send her to work

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