I got the Call!


You know the call. A call that many of us have made in our most desperate hour. I share this not wanting to get a pat on the back or a well done. That’s not we do this. WE do it because it was done for us. WE remember how it feels to feel hopeless and less then. WE remember how it feels to be sick and tired of being sick and tired. I took on a sponsee the recently because he seemed really serous about getting clean and he is. He is a bit older then me. We don’t dress the same. We don’t have the same belief’s is a HP. What WE do have in common in the disease of addiction and the desire to stay clean. When he asked about a sponsor I did not jump at the chance. I have 2 already and I have no desire to struggle with ego thinking (I must be good – look at all the guys I sponsor). I told him he could have my number and he could call me 24/7 untill he found a sponsor and he did. Every day with out fail After two week he asked again. I knew it took a lot of humility and courage to do that. Both of these things are needed to make it around here so I said yes. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to help another addict. At 5:00am this morning I got the call from another addict needing a ride to treatment. This addict was there for me when I came back. Again we don’t have much in common except the disease of addiction and that’s enough. He belonged to my home group and had over 2 years clean when he chose to pick-up. Some of you reading this who are new may be thinking (two years and he picked up! That’s crazy!) Your right. That’s why our literature uses the word insanity a lot. Many of us reached out to him to no avail. He was not ready, willing or sick and tired enough yet. I know how Heather feels. The frustration of wanting to help, knowing the out come if we don’t get clean. WE can be willing, able and ready when WE get the call. My new sponsee has thanked me many times in the last two weeks and it feels strange. I tell him to just remember what was done for you so when you get the call – you can do it for someone else. That’s how we roll (no pun intended). Again no well done is needed because I’m only doing the right thing. What I’m supposed to do. If you’re new remember this. Someone was probably there for you when you made the call, when you reached out. If you stay clean, some day you can answer the call.     A grateful recovering addict – Johnny Wheels        

  1. old_crazy_woman 14 years ago

    thanks so much for this…it really did help me …love ya..ocw

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  2. michaelcali 14 years ago

    It’s Going to be okay….Those five words…the emotions….the comfort…Knowing…I dont have to go it alone…Mike…

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  3. hellbent73 14 years ago

    Johnny, the program works because people like you are in it. Those who give without thinking of themselves. I’m so glad you were the hand that was there when this man reached out… it gives him a great chance of making it and being there for someone else.

    I’m so grateful to this site for introducing me to people like you! 

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