I’ll tell you about the things in my life .I’ve been married twice thinking I had to have someone. I have raised my son for 13 years without his fathers help. Three years ago things started to crash around me and my family . My oldest sister had breast cancer to start it off but she is cured now thank God. At the same time my other sister husband got cancer himself and has had so many problems with it he had colin cancer, he is cured too. Well, you would think that,that would been enough  than I was in a car accident that took me out of bussness for a while. just about one year after they were getting better.Thank God I came out of it with a broken ancle in three spots but that took the tole on me and my family I wasn’t ready for the next thing to happen I wasn’t even driving yet and my father who was helping my son and i out had a stroke. He is doing a lot better now with my help he just lives five minutes away. I also should mention my son has ADHD with anger problems on top of it. I haven’t worked in a year from dealing with my problems to dad to my sons  it’s been to much to handle I have been seeing a great counceler but we both feel that I should hear from other in simualier  situations. That is why I’m here. the last thing that took me to my end of my rope last Christmas my son striked me and than that was the turning point . I made his father take charge of him but one thing he lives in anouther town . I try to now let him reach out to me instead of me doing it all.  Well I need to step up and take charge of me ,but I have alwys had someone being there to depend on me now it’s my turn that is why I’m afrade. If any one has a clue how to do this let me know? I have tried going to school but that didn’t work can’t concintrate on it.

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  1. virus 14 years ago

       Well I guess that you”re not really starting over, ”cuz you didn”t want me for a friend before in your previous life here, and you still don”t want me for a friend in your ”new life” so I guess that I give up on you again, I think that I will go find someplace that I can have a good cry…

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