Karen… I am now my mum, the amount of phone calls (important) I have made today claiming to be her is unbelievable.lol the amounts of money I have handed away in her name in one day is even more unbelievable lol (paying off some debts) I hate it, I hate lying, they're not bad lies but I think my anxiety makes it all worse in thinking I will get cought out or something I dunno, but it has to be done as mum can't do it because she's away at work, so some ones gotta i spose.

According to facebook its dads birthday, which also means pop's is either tomorrow or the next day or was yesterday lol *and I get granddaughter of the year award* hahahaha now do i go and hand myself daughter of the year and give dad a 'happy birthday' or just forget about it? hmmm I dunno what I wanna do. His soon to be step daughter wished him a "wonderfull birthday" obviously she dont know him all that well sinse she speaks nicely to him, even his own parents think he is an ass hole… but still love him… as one would expect lol but this girl seems to like him dont really know why, who knows maybe he even likes her, sinse he is marrying her mother. I almost sound bitter dont I? lol yes I slightly feel a little bitter, but who knows how they are tegether, she might just be being polit for her mother… I wonder if i'll get an invite to this wedding? lol doubt it, I refused to go to his first. Well dad did invite me to join his crew on facebooks speedracer… the best father/child relationship ever or what? hahahaha

hmmm well I think that all from me today

All have a good day now 🙂



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