I just joined this site…I think I just did it so I could say things that are on my mind knowing that I won’t be judged because I don’t know anyone here. I thought I would share some poetry…I started writing this during a painful brek-up…but towards the end I started to see the funny side of my whole emo diatribe and wrote it as an ode to Lord of the Rings…so to anyone who reads this, please think of it as a poem Smeegul wrote to his true love…the One Ring…and please have a laugh at my expense

i skip the trail
my heartsong a-flutter
sapphire and emerald form a love-match around me
the offspring, a breeze, dancing through my hair.
my love is boundless
my soul oérflowing
with a spirit so innocent
i stop to catch my breath.

a shadow fells the path
i look up to see
the piercing lemon light
fall upon your face.
warily, u watch
hiding in the play
of shadow and light

an eternity passes
for just a moment.

but your soul has bound
to mine
and as i hold out my hand
i invite you to share
my path of love,
of sweetness,
of beauty
as i know it.

you glare, unsmiling
behind the pretence
of a gaze
you reject my offered hand
with a scornful glance

i am offguard.
i falter and stumble
tears fill my eyes,
ashamed of my presence
so awkward in the face
of someone so beautiful
of someone who hates me so.

i feel the pain and anguish
of rejection and indifference
chilling my soul
painting icicles on my path.

the cruel wind throws me down
teases me and taunts me.
i am alone
and my spirit is broken.

i struggle to my feet
and follow your shadow
a path of
blindness and hurt
the sun has died

i look at you in askance
my anger demanding you
my tears beseeching you
why did you let me fall
why did you change my path
why did you reject
only a token of love?

you say
"you offered your gift
to someone you could not see.
i never asked you to change
the path from whence you came.

building bridges on clouds
is your own mind’s trap
you are a fool to have believed
your love could be returned."

with those word you turn,
shrugging me away
as if i never was.
the pain i thought could get no worse
increased trifold.

with your apathy
you have ripped my soul,
leaving it exposed and bare
on the sacrificial altar

i cry out to you, my beloved
but you have already gone
faded into the shadow from whence you came.

but ’tis too late…
i cannot turn back
to the path whence i came,
for a crown of thorns
does not kill a budding rose.

my heart i had given
whether you wanted it or not.

for that moment of time
in which the universe stood still,
an eternity passed.
and you captured me
you destroyed me,
with one glance.

i choose the path on which i walk now.
preferring to linger in the memory of your shadow
than to turn back to the path of innocence.

here in the darkness i wait for you…
a dying flame,
hoping for your return
which shall never come to be

my precious…my own…

Feel free to share your thoughts…goodnight guys

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  1. suelo 14 years ago

    welcome, everyone here is lovely , take care x

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