When us women were little girls we were told that a handsome prince would come around and sweep us off our feet and we\'d live happily ever after…boy were we wrong!  I\'ve been through hell and back with him and yet I\'ve always loved him even though our relationship was far from perfect.  He and I were complete opposites, but somehow I saw something good in him that no one else did.   Everyone told me no that he wasn\'t right for me, but I knew we could be something great.  Was I just completely insane to even try a relationship with him?  Maybe.  They say love is blind.  Yeah that\'s true not a flaw on his perfect dimpled cheeks, gorgeous smile, baby blue eyes, or the mole on the right side of his hip.   He was so charasmatic, he made me feel so beautiful and he gave me a gift that I can never be so proud of, but even though my fairytale dreams didn\'t become a reality  even though he lied, cheated, stole, tore my heart apart and I left him because I knew thats what I had to do.  I still loved him…I thought maybe he\'d change and come running back, but that never happened…..Now it\'s been three years, he doesn\'t write, he doesn\'t call, he moved on faster than I could even think of moving on, now it\'s not just me anymore, it\'s his son he left behind…the split image of his daddy.  I can\'t get him out of my head.  I think about him at least once a day and it\'s changed me.  I don\'t know how I can move past this.  They say time heals, but i\'ve had time.  I guess love never truly dies, the relationship dies long before the love does…his new girl is pretty, younger and pregnant she was me five years ago with her fairytale dreams…

  1. Jack21 11 years ago

    It does get better eventually. Its been 6 years since my wife left. I never thought that I\'d ever get over losing her. Finally now I have. Its taken years and years but I have made my peace with the loss. I still miss her but not like I used to. I look at her picture now and it doesn\'t cause me to get chocked up anymore. Time does heal the wounds – a lot of time, but it does get easier.

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  2. snuggles2468 11 years ago

    Thanks guys. I do think I\'m getting better with the whole thing, but man it is a horrible thing to go through that\'s for sure. I guess it just makes us all stronger people and prepares us for something better to come in our lives.

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  3. katyellis76 11 years ago

    well time is suppose to heal but you also need the love of another i dont want to ask a personal question like have you tried finding another person in your life i know sometimes we have to put ourselves out there to really move on im sorry this happend to you and your son you deserve much better and then some take care – kate

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