Does anyone else ever have trouble saying no to people?

Because of my anxiety, I worry about upsetting people or making people mad, so I never say no to anyone. It can be at work, or with friends, or family, I can never say “I’m sorry but no”. I can already be doing a million things and someone asks me to do something else and like an idiot I say yes. Even if I physically cannot do any more, I always say yes.

I need to be brave and speak out for myself. I am only human and I can only do so much, but I just want to please people and help as much as I can. I know this should not be at the expense of my own health and my mental health. Sometimes I just keep going and going until I am so mentally and physically exhausted that I just break down and cry! (This probably happens a lot more often than it should!)

I just can’t work up the courage to say that sometimes I can’t do things even though I know that I need to. My boyfriend always tells me that I am too nice for my own good and I know that people walk over me sometimes.

Does anyone have any advice, how can I get the confidence to tell people NO?!

  1. treegirl213 1 year ago

    Try practicing with small things, like saying no thank you to offered foods, and/or practice in the mirror.
    You could also ask someone else to tell them no, or cancel out some of the things.
    Take it slowly, have your boyfriend there for moral support.

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      jessiie 1 year ago

      Thank you I will try that, I guess starting with small things makes sense. I always think to myself I will just say no but when it comes to it I can’t!

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