Today im writing basically just an update on me and a thank you to by boyfriend for if he wasnt here i probably wouldnt be either.

I herd this saying before i cant remember where, and it said "dont let you happyness depend on someone elses"

and i thought that was like the most truthful and amazing thing i had ever herd up untill my life proved me wrong. AGAIN..

A few days ago i was at my end AGAIN. i was ready to give up on everything and end it all right there. Nothing in my life is how i want it to be and i dont feel like i have the power to change it anymore. i have dissapointed my parents they say i havent but i can tell i have. i dropped out of school and that was the only hope i had for myself for a good life, and now im working at a gas station… i hate everything about my life except for my boyfriend.

The other night when i was ready to give up, i called him to say sorry and basically because i didnt know who else to call. i have never met in my life someone more caring more understanding and more sweet then my boyfriend.

he basically talked me down off a ledge (metaphorically speaking) he told me that he was proud of me and that i shouldnt feel stupid for calling him crying even tho im still having a hard time believeing that one.

if it wasnt for his kindness and his love for me i cant garuntee that i would be sitting here today writing, and this is why i say that that quote is wrong to me , "dont let your happyness depend on someone elses" because my boyfriend is the only sense of happyness i have in my life, its the only sense of something that i have dont right, and honestly hes the best support system out there. i have yet to meet another man out there who would ever be soo understanding and soo caring to go through this with me.

most guys i know would tell me im crazy and to go away, but not this boy.. hes my hero.


for all those struggleing out there. just know whether its a boyfriend, a friend, a family member or a stranger, there is someone who cares about you just as much . and they would hate to see you be anywhere else.


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