I started a job doing sales for the guys I’m staying with.  They do products for medical marijuana dispensaries.  I go to different shops, talk about our products, show lab reports, discuss pricing, stuff like that.  I know some of the shop owners or manager want a little extra from me. And well, that is why I am doing this job.  What’s wrong with a blow job or sex if it makes us money and in the end, provide a product that helps people.

Best part, met a man who has a few shops, we had a great lunch meeting, very proper and professional.  Nothing at all pervy.  Told him I would have to do some checking because I didn’t want to give a wrong answer on a couple of questions.  He like my being honest.  After the meeting, he asked if I would like to go out with him.  I’m all, YES!!! lol.  Stayed a day and over night with him.  He likes me, said he wants to see me again tomorrow, maybe go to the lake with me and hang out on his boat.  I was afraid the guys I stay with might get upset or mad or jealous but they are all, cool about it.

My first job and I’m doing ok in it.


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