This is the first time in I think 5 months that I’ve been back on tribe. I remember how sad and lonely I felt then, and just really empty like no one really cared about me since my boyfriend left for bootcamp. I thought maybe people would reach out to check to see how I was but no one did so that was when I started to feel alone again. My boyfriend is back now, well not fully…he’s been stationed in florida now. Things are better now. I’m not bitter anymore but still am a little lonely. I wanna feel like when times are tough I have someone to help me up besides my boyfriend/best friend. I also found out officially that I am bi. At first I was confused and wasn’t really sure but now I feel like me. It’s still really new to me. My trichotillomania is still bad. There was a time where my bald spot was so tiny, the size of a quarter instead of a baseball!!! But… Life happened and it’s back to being a mini baseball. I’m working extremely hard for it to grow back. I’m just wishing to make a few friends.

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  1. aquazium 2 years ago

    I’ll be friends with you:) I understand the empty lonely feeling and I hope you can find some great people to be friends with:)

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