Well since my last post i knew it was gonna hit me and hit me hard soon and guess what? It has and i hate it…nauseated, shaking, nervous, faint feeling and i knew after so many good days that this was going to happen it never fails. I just wish there was a cure for all of this and that they could magically say something one word and we all be over this crap.

needless to say i have to be away from home again tomorrow or 12 hours to go to work and i think that is what is bringing it on today,, i try my best not to think of it but i just cant help it or stop the thoughts in my head or the physical feelings i am having today.

What can make them stop? I have tried my best to tell myself over and over that it is ok it is jsut an episode and it will pass but it has done nothing but get worse as the day goes on,,,, i had to take a promethazine for nausea (phenigren) it is starting to work but not fast enough and i just feel like i could sleep and i cant do that either,,,wont sleep tonight if i lay down now at 330 p.m. and have to get up at 530 a.m. for work, So I am stuck and i even bought a puzzle book to try and keep my mind busy but it hasnt helped me today either…

I just hate the feeling like i am going to faint or fall out and the skin crawling that goes on and the nausea is too much to handle,,,so I get on here and this is my release I also write in a journal here at home and it helps me at times but there is nothing more that i want than to find someone that has the same thing as i do and we can talk and maybe they can teach me coping mechanisms or something so i can stop thinking about the physical feelings.


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