So I think I just finished the Christmas shopping…YES!!! I'm so relieved about that! I didn't think I'd be able to do it after how little sleep we got last night with the dog being sick, but we did it. I've got 2 more shirts to buy and then it's over. Phew!

I'm feeling a lot better today than I have been, which isa blessing. I'm still tired, but between the lack of sleep last night and the Abilify combined, I think that's the culprit. Tonight I'll make sure to get a LOT of sleep, even if it means sleeping in a separate bed since my husband's home during the weekend nights. ;-pHe may not like it but tough cookies, lol.

I was so proud of Zachary today ~ he came home with a plush lion that his teacher had let him pick out for his exceptional behavior. He's so proud of it and loves it to death. He also had an interesting day yesterday… he was on the playground and the girl he likes started yelling from the swings that she wanted to stop, she was too high, and he decided to run to her rescue. Problem was, he grabbed the swing's chain and tried to dislocate or break his arm in the process. Instead he fell and banged his head on the mulch pretty hard. His teacher sent him to the clinic even though he didn't want to go and said he was fine, but she had me call her to tell me about the whole thing. Really it's funny ~ I'm not supposed to know he "loves" this girl named Alice, only Dad is supposed to know, and he decided to rescue her like a damsel in distress…lol. He is very lucky he didn't get hurt though. But it made me proud in a strange sort of way.

Things are much better tonight here at home. My Mom has chilled out and seems in a better mood despite the fact that today is the anniversary of my stepdad's passing. We have spent the afternoon together for the most part; turns out her dog has something called "feliculitis" which looks like ringworm and is terribly itchy. So we had to use the horrible smelling lime dip to bathe the poor dog outside on the driveway because it smells so bad and it can stain. The poor dog is cold because she has to drip dry before she's allowed to come in the house, and it's starting to get a little chilly. But soon she'll be able to come in and get warm. At first we thought it was ringworm but I called the vet and it turns out that it was this other secondary skin infection. I have to go down there tomorrow to pick up a shampoo that will help better than the lime dip. So we ended up all three (Mom, Aaron and I) coating Molly in the lime dip ~ it turned her entire coat yellow (why she's not allowed in the house) and she soaked us while doing it. Yuck! By the way, this is not the same dog that got sick last night…that's MY dog Carley. When it rains it pours with animal illnesses it seems, lol.

Well, I'm making myself go out and socialize tonight. I hope we have a nice time, it's been awhile since we've seen these friends. And the kids will all be able to play together, so that will be nice.

Have a good night everyone. Take care of yourselves and talk again soon. ((HUGS)) ~ Key

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  1. Andie372 10 years ago

    Kudos to you for finishing Christmas shopping.

    Yay Zachary and I love his little chivalrous self. Now I know who to call when I'm in distress, lol.

    Poor poor doggie. Hope that gets cleared up soon.

    Enjoy your night out. I'm alone cuz husband and daughter are taking a class together. Just me and the cats

    Hope life continues on this upward swing for you.

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