I'm having a lot of anxiety today. My son has a game in like 45 minutes but am debating if I should go. For one, when I get anxiety my stomach acts up. I have a digestive disorder so it doesn't help it. And two, it is cold and rainy a little which makes my anxiety worse becuase the cold just makes me cramp up all my muscleswhich causes stomache aches too,but I dont want my kid to be disapointed in me. Its so unfair to him. I think I will stay. I dont want to take the chance of getting sick but feel bad.

Plus I found out there was a tornado that hit near may family. Although they are ok, another storm is coming or is expected. So Iam nervous for them.

I have been trying to keep my self busy doing little art projects like painting and just now starting to scrap book…but I want more pics( I dont have many outside the house cause the dang anxiety) Hopefully this summer I will do more things. I usaully feel a little better in the summer when my kid is out of school and the atmosphere is a little morerelaxed and we aren't always stressing on homework assignments and I don't have to deal with the school- that is a huge anxiety trigger for me. Plus the warm weather is more calming to me.

I am glad though I went to his last game and have been getting to the art store a little. I find myself getting jellous of others though becuase they are so socail and I just wish I could be social and be able to drive the freeway and just not freak out!

Thinking about taking meds for this but I cant stand feeling tired or dizzy.

  1. rainbowestarz81 11 years ago

    You sound so much like me…Its awful and I hate it to my anxiety is ruining my life that was once amazing. I wish I had advice for you but I feel just like you, you are not alone.

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  2. OPIE 11 years ago

    Same situation here, always hated social situations until recently! A friend of mine is a counselor and has been researching oxytocin for a few years, he asked me to try a product called oxytocin factor. This has been amazing for me, i am now able to deal with people in a pleasant manner and i make eye contact all the time.Anyway it has really calmed me down. It might be worth a try for you its at abcnutriceuticals.com

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  3. wrld_n_my_eyez 11 years ago

    gonna check it out..thank you

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