I lost my phone today. I lost my phone after I sat in my botany lab looking at the specimen with my hands shaking. I sat at my desk, leg bouncing, chewing apart my lip under my mask, and eyes bouncing from lab manual to photos. I lost my phone today but only after I failed my lab quiz. I had had to fly home 700 miles from my school because I was so depressed I couldn’t move from my bed for five days. I lost my phone today but it wasn’t even the fact that I lost it (and then found it) that was the boiling point, it was the fact that I emotionally couldn’t handle one more thing being out of my control.

I’m doing fine now. I sat with my roommate and she helped me find my phone. I changed into my safe clothes and sat on the ground. I ranted to my mom about my day, even when in the grand scheme of things I still made it through the day. I feel better now and I suppose that makes me glad because I can see how I was able to work through an event that caused me distress, and I solved it in my own way (I asked for help when I knew my limits were met).


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