wrote this last night, it's not finished yet..let me know what u think!!

The day Naomi's camera followed her.

'A trip to town should consist of constructive shopping'

only she can't block these persistent thoughts

those nagging voices

narrow her choices.

Autopilot directs her to Boots

and once she's in the doors repel her,

shear force pushes her in.

Her heartbeat quickens,

her footsteps cautious,

her eyes focused.

The small white box has caught her heart.

I watch her doing the maths in her head;

16 caplets, that's 8000mg.

Wondering if that's enough to stifle her emotions for tonight.

She grips one box firmly in her palm

I follow her as she walks steadily to the counter

transaction complete – she remains calm.

She returns home and glides up the stairs without so much as a word

Knowing that her presence wasn't acknowledged or heard

No tears in her eyes, just long felt regret and a bit of relief

Pill after pill, she swallowed her drug.

Chased it with water then curled up on her bed.

Her overworked body longs for a rest,

Minutes passed like hours, she waited for peace.

As I zoom in on her face I watch her eyelids flutter till they close

The lens stays intently focused, waiting, waiting for her to awaken.

written by Naomi's camera.

I like the high

I like the feeling

of feeling like i'm dreaming

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 10 years ago

     I felt the drama in this poem

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