So how have I been lately? I've been good. I finally got diagnosed as bipolar. Pretty funny, since I really thought I didn't fit it. Now I guess I see it though. Maybe that's why I've felt so good and content lately. Now I'm taking Depakote along with the sertraline. Sad though. I liked being all goofy and hyper. 😛

The psychiatrist thought it would help me with the insomnia, but I'm still waking up over and over. The quest for getting rid of that isn't done yet apparently. Oh well. I'm glad to finaly be seeing doctors and looking for the answer.

Kinda funny too. I seem to have hypsersomnia as well as insomnia. Does that make sense? I never seem to get enough sleep. I wanted to get up in the morning today. I still felt tired. I ended up not getting up for the day until about 4. Even now, I don't have much energy. I thought I had energy as a kid, but for years it's been gone. From what I just read, bipolar disorder can cause hypersomnia. Probably insomnia too.

I thought I liked sleep too much. While that is true, that's not the whole reason. I don't want to sleep so much. It just seems pretty much impossible for me to feel rested and energetic, no matter how much sleep I get. 15 hourse of sleep and I still don't feel good. People will say it's cause of too much sleep. Then why did I feel tired in the morning when I meant to get up? That would have been a normal amount of sleep. They also say I need to get my sleep schedule regulated. That's a big problem for me since a normal sleep schedule leaves me so tired.

Insomnia + hypsersomnia really stinks. If it's because of the depression/bipolar, why doesn't the medicine help? They say it will, but it doesn't. I really hope it gets better soon.


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  1. Classic_Reader 10 years ago

    So, glad to hear you have a diagnosis. Now, you can move on from here. Good luck!

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