i thought it would be different this time.

i was so extremely wrong.

i thought that maybe this relationship wouldn't fall apart like all the other's.

it took you a while to get me to trust you.

at first i didnt want anything more than friendship.

but after months you finally got to me.

it started great, too bad i didnt know then that it would end.

you got lucky that i would trust you.

i never would have thought you were the person to do this.

i finally trusted you enought to get out of my comfort zone and do what you wanted to.

at this point i even warned you about how much i trusted you.

i did things i said i wouldn't ever do for anyone again.

you would have thought that i would have figured it out by now.

i told you how fragile i was.

then i had finally let go of everything i've been holding onto.

then out of nowhere all the happiness i thought i had finally found again was ripped away.

and the feeling of having a hole in my chest is back.

i thought you could only endure pain like this once in your life.

yet here i am again, holding myself so i don't fall apart.

well lesson learned, never trust another person again.

i can only handle this hurt so many times before i'm completely broken.

i thought i had my emotions under control and i would be able to take it.

but now i see i'm not as strong as i thought i was.

as the depression is already settling in,

i will fight against the urges rising back up into my brain.

i've been trying so hard for way too long.

and now i realize i don't have anyone to be there for me.

i could end all of this right now but i know i'm at least strong enought to keep myself from doing that.

but for now, i quit.

whats the point in trying anymore when everything i aim for gets taken away.

i'm such a failure and i'm sick of being reminded of that.

i quit.

i'm not sure if i will be able to come back from this heartbreak..


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