Staring at the sky watching clouds go by,

The rays they shine on me oh so bright,

Darkness clouds my vision I start to cry,

Another day another fight,


I smile and wave to all I see,

I run through the house so small,

The strangers turn to monsters and I run and flee,

I’ve grown now on my knees but tall,


Mom tucks me into bed each night,

Dad reads me stories kissing my head,

I stare at the door in fright,

Dad ties me down to the bed,


You’ll never make me look at the truth,

You’ll never make me see through the bull shits,

I know reality tied strings i want loose!

Beat me break me all i know is hits,


A loving touch a soft word,

in my mind are always heard,

but in my life it becomes absurd,

and never once has it occurred….


I’m just a human a tiny girl,

Sorry i’m not a diamond or a pearl…

I’m not wonder woman who knew?

But all i ask is let me be me… after all u are you.


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