Look, I know youre breaking

your heart it is not stopping but the beat is getting slower

I cant make this stop for you

but ill try to make it better.

You know, it hurts being human?

Hurts when your heart is broke and you can no longer control the crying.

It hurts being helpless, but within that there is help.

Im help, I may not make it perfect, cuz hell im human too

but Im not going to let you fall.

We all sit and watch, as the Earth turns to shit

Yes, we see it too.

If I could change this I would

Id take your pain and make it my own

but then again you know

we’re only human.

Humans break, humans cry.

I told you dont be my superman…

be my you.



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    kaeclarkz 1 year ago

    Love you too..

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