The rain and slight chill allowed it to be a fireplace usage day! Plus, it was a nice day to light a honeysuckle candle!

I did laundry 🧺 both in the machine and I hand washed items!

My sons are enjoying both being off from work on the same day.  They are close in age and it was challenging when they little.    Now, I am very glad for it.   They were able to be on the same soccer team etc as a bonus of their close age spacing

  1. My daughter is working a lot of overtime.   She works puzzles, knits and crochets when not a work.   It is a interesting time for single people like her with covid and the political divide on the United States.  She just isn’t going to date anyone who voted the other way which is tricky to find out   Also, with the Covid risk, dating is dangerous.   A kiss could be deadly

I read over the list of the traits of alcoholics and the traits of people who enable them.

I saw all those traits in two people who used to be in my life.   I tried to fix them once upon a time before I was as wise as I am now.  Then, I realized that they had to hit rock bottom and I was enabling them by being loving.

I opt not to to drink and just haven’t desired to drink alcohol but don’t judge others who do so.

Moderation is the key on everything and anything.

Here are the common traits of alcoholic and their enablers


Easily aggravated


Low self esteem


Wary of opening up


Careful about how they are perceived




Ironic, how someone who doesn’t drink but is close to a alcoholic would take on these traits.

One of my boys had ocd and I picked up on his traits.   Then, he didn’t have ocd anymore.

I think there is a connection on my ocd and people who are close to alcoholics but aren’t alcoholics themselves.

I hope everyone is having a nice evening!



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