cruel but kinda funny
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As most of you may know, I wasn't always such a nice guy. Something has been on my mind that I have to get off my chest. I have been in many long term relationships. As a result, I have many ex sister in laws so don't even try guessing who this is. Some of them I loved, some of them not so great. I had one in particular who was probably the most miserable person I have ever known. This one caused much drama and misery in my life and the lives of several people I know. You know, the kind of person that sits on the phone for hours gossiping about everyone and everything. And if there was nothing on someone, it got made up. So there wasn't a whole lot of love there but I tried to make the best of it even though I knew my turn would come, it was like clockwork. Anyways, this particular in law was constantly getting yeast infections. Guess who always got asked to go to the store to get the magic cream? You guessed it. The awesome brother in law that I was, I gladly obliged. Gotta help a sister out, right? Well my intentions weren't the greatest. I figured I would have some harmless fun with it, no one would know. I would go to the store and wait til a big crowd was at the checkout counter. I would make sure someone(always female) would see what I was buying. Then I would say in a voice a little louder than normal speech "Yep, my favorite sister in law got another yeast infection. I'm such a nice guy, buying this for her." I feel really guilty about doing this now. That was pretty damn cruel but it's kinda funny still in a twisted way. Thats passive aggressive revenge. It did make me feel fairly smug at the time. Now there's guilt. Knowing what I do now about the principles of recovery, I will someday have to make amends. Its going to be a while before I get to that point. I am sorry for being such a jerk. I take responsibility by never acting in this manner again. Nobody knows I did such a thing but I know, so does God. It will be for Him to judge me.


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